Yes We Can! — A Positive Vision of the Future

RECONCILIATION ECOLOGY says we still have time to save most of the world's species. But to do it, we must stop trying to put an end to civilization and human enterprise. Instead, we need to work on the overwhelming bulk of the land — the places we humans use. We need to make them over so that they can support both us and other species. It won't be simple and it won't happen overnight. But it is practical, it is positive and it is backed by science.

Anyway, who wants to hear that the sky is falling?

Especially when it will fall only if we get discouraged and run away.

What is it?

Reconciliation Ecology is the science of inventing, establishing and maintaining new habitats to conserve species diversity in places where people live, work or play.

Reconciliation Ecology seeks environmentally sound ways for us to continue to use the land for our own benefit.

To practice Reconciliation Ecology, we must pay close attention to our treatment of the land. We must back off a bit — not on the amount of land we take for ourselves — but on how we transform it for our use. Right now, our footprint is too big. Going barefoot is not the answer but the time has come to trade in our jackboots for the grace and elegance of ballet slippers.

The careful foot can walk anywhere.