Why Birds Live in Our Hopi Villages
The Hano people lived on a high, flat mesa at the top of the cliff. Birds flew over to the Hano village looking for anything they could find to eat in the trash and ashes. They would search for food and then fly back to a hill north of the village where they lived.
One day the bird chief went to the village chief to talk about food.

The two chiefs smoked together the way chiefs do.

"Look," the bird chief said, "we have to come all the way over here to find food. It's a long way to come."

The Hano chief told the bird chief, "Go back and tell the birds they are welcome to come and live right here with us. There is food enough for the birds and the Hanos both."

That is why you see so many birds in our villages today. They live so close they understand our language.

Danny Joseph
Hopi, Second Mesa Day School
quoted in And It Is Still That Way, pages 26-27
Byrd Baylor, ed.
Charles Scribner's Sons (1976)