Making Money

Reconciliation ecology may be even better than cheap. It may add to profits!
It helps maintain agriculture over the long haul. Timber growing, too.
t adds to the value of residences and vacation spots.

And, because it is a process as well as a goal,
it will spawn a multibillion dollar set of businesses and industries to tend to its needs.

Poor is for churchmice.

How about the battle between ecology and religion?

Are the Earth's species really safe?

Must we give up either Nature or the comforts of civilization?

The Red Sea Star Restaurant
The Red Sea Star Restaurant: An underwater restaurant that looks out onto a coral reef in the tropical resort city of Eilat, Israel. The reef-restaurant combination was actually established by the restaurant management. To get the reef started, they built an iron meshwork and transplanted many species of broken coral colonies to it. It will continue to exist by virtue of the efforts of its owners.

Photo courtesy The Red Sea Star Ltd. – Eilat (